We wanted to thank you [Rabbi Moshe Rappaport] for helping to make the memorable occasion of our son’s bris a warm and positive experience. You were so kind and calming to both of us – we truly appreciate that a lot.

The Zagers

Rabbi Eli Rappaport seamlessly combines professionalism with the warmth and personal touch that an occasion of this nature deserves.  He was patient and exceedingly clear in explaining both the procedure and the after-care to my wife, myself, and even my mother-in-law! He put all of us at ease with his confident yet gentle demeanor.   When we had our second son a few years later, we didn’t think twice about which mohel to call, and we were equally happy with the repeat experience.

Avi & Shira Greenfield

Our community was left spellbound by Rabbi Avraham Rappaport’s bris ceremony for our baby boy, Simon. He truly made us feel comfortable with the entire procedure and before we knew it Simon was quiet and peaceful, and the bris was over. We highly recommend you speak to Rabbi Rappaport when planning for your son’s bris. You will be as delighted as we were.

Rachel and David Schecter

Montreal, Canada

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Rabbi Yaakov (Jacob) Rappaport for our son’s bris. From the start, Rabbi Yaakov (Jacob) Rappaport’s humor and pleasant personality coupled with his knowledge and skill put us at ease with what is a very serious (and admittedly tense) ceremony. My wife works as a labor and delivery nurse and has assisted with a number of circumcisions in a surgical setting. Given this was the first circumcision she has seen in a non-surgical session, she was extremely impressed with the quickness in which it was performed. Our son barely cried and the healing process took only a few days. We highly recommend Rabbi Yaakov (Jacob) Rappaport and would utilize his services again should we be blessed with another son!

Harrison & Caren Bloom, RN

I am very happy to add these few lines of appreciation regarding my good friend and colleague, Rabbi Moshe Rappaport.
He and I have worked hand-in-hand over many years, particularly regarding adult circumcisions. In addition to his unparalleled technical expertise, Rabbi Rappaport’s sensitivity and dignified demeanor combined, put patients and their families at ease. His confidence, in terms of being an expert mohel, is matched by his extraordinary communication skills. Both are necessary in the practice of milah — as in medicine.

Rabbi Rappaport is a great asset to our community, and we are fortunate to have someone of his caliber in our midst.

Dr. Julian Jacobovits, MD

Internal Medicine, Baltimore, MD

Our two son’s circumcisions with Rabbi Eli Rappaport were very family friendly and professional. My wife Minnie and I felt very at ease with the procedure on both our boys. Everything was explained thoroughly and done under comfortable conditions for the boys.

Paul and Minnie Robinson

Berkeley Springs, WV

Rabbi Yaakov (Jacob) Rappaport was very confident and had answers to all our questions which was very calming to us as parents going through this process for the first time. His “bedside manners” and after-care instructions made the entire ordeal much easier to handle. He called a few times afterwards to check on the baby and to see if we had any questions or concerns. The procedure itself was very quick and the outcome was great. We received excellent feedback from our pediatrician, as well. We would not hesitate to use him again.

Simcha & Shifra Malin

I have had the fortune of knowing Rabbi Moshe Rappaport for many years. He is an outstanding Mohel, both from the standpoint of his skillfull surgical ability, as well as the warmth, joy and meaning he brings to the bris ceremony. Besides my professional relationship with him through happy, satisfied patient referrals, he personally performed the bris on both of my sons. I highly recommend him for this most joyous and momentous time in your life.

Tobie Beckerman, MD

OB-GYN, Potomac, Bethesda and Rockville, MD

I was delighted to be present at a bris performed by Rabbi Abraham Rappaport. The couple was from Israel and spoke fluent Hebrew, but many of the guests were American with no knowledge of Hebrew. Rabbi Rappaport made all present feel at ease with his humor and caring demeanor. He switched back and forth from Hebrew to English so everyone present was aware of the importance of this ceremony. His skill and speed during the ceremony was also evident. If I ever have another boy, I would be honored to have Rabbi Rappaport perform the bris.

Michelle Spector M.D.

F.A.C.O.G. (Obstetrician-Gynecologist)

We had a great experience using Rabbi Yaakov (Jacob) Rappaport as our Mohel. He was informative, calming, funny and reassuring. He showed us exactly what needed to be done for the “after-care” to ensure the proper recovery of our son. Our pediatrician was impressed with the outcome! We would highly recommend using him for your next bris.

Moshe & Rachel Stewart

After 4 girls we were quite excited and anxious to celebrate our son’s bris. We had already been to dozens of brisses that Rabbi Avraham Rappaport performed so we had nothing to be concerned about. He was so patient, calm and reassuring and visited us at our home before after the bris. The procedure was completed before I even realized he actually did it. He is absolutely “a cut above the rest!”

Meghann and Ben Schwartz

Hollywood, FL

I know that there are many Mohelim in our community, but having built a decade-long relationship with Rabbi Rappaport, it is easy for me to offer my highest recommendation without reservations. When it comes to something as important as your child’s bris milah, I would settle for nothing but the best. And, in my humble opinion, the best is Rabbi Moshe Rappaport.

Edward Leventhal, MD

Urologist, Baltimore, MD

Rabbi Yaakov (Jacob) Rappaport was recommended by my good friend and after a bad hospital experience for my first son (and a trip to the pediatric urologist), I didn’t hesitate reaching out to him for the circumcision of my second son. He answered all of my questions ahead of time and gave the option to come and perform the circumcision at our home! Everything was incredibly quick and Rabbi Yaakov (Jacob) Rappaport explained what to do for after care and took the time to answer follow up questions. He reached out multiple times to check on how our son was doing! A MUCH better experience this time, which we are thankful for! We highly recommend Rabbi Yaakov (Jacob) Rappaport!

Natalie & Jon Van Dyke

We were so happy and fortunate that our good friend Rabbi Avraham Rappaport was able to fly out to Chicago to perform our son Eli’s bris. Having two other sons born in other states with other Mohels we really feel that Rabbi Avraham Rappaport is “a cut above the rest”! His knowledge, his ceremony and his medical care and expertise were so reassuring to us.

Rebbecca and Morris Finkelstien

Chicago, IL