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Bris & the Mohel

People tend to think of a bris as a medical circumcision mixed with a bit of ritual; but it is so much more! Your son represents the next link in the chain of our People that spans over 3,800 years, and a bris forges the necessary spiritual connection to solidify that link. As such, there are many factors to consider before engaging the right mohel to perform your child’s bris. Of course, paramount to choosing a mohel should be the mohel’s experience, professionalism, sensitivity, hygiene, expertise, precision and training; but choosing a mohel is also a significant spiritual decision.

Rabbi Moshe Rappaport

Meet the Mohels

Rabbi Moshe Rappaport together with his three sons, Avraham, Yaakov (Jacob) and Eli have earned the respect of all. “Rappaport” is the household and premier name in bris. Together, they have performed brisses for all walks of life, including doctors, TV personalities, professional athletes, politicians and more!

Rabbi Moshe Rappaport

Rabbi Avraham Rappaport

Rabbi Yaakov (Jacob) Rappaport

Rabbi Eli Rappaport

Why Us?

One cannot underestimate the importance of feeling comfortable with the personality of the mohel you choose, someone who will accommodate the specific needs of your family.







I have had the fortune of knowing Rabbi Moshe Rappaport for many years. He is an outstanding Mohel, both from the standpoint of his skillfull surgical ability, as well as the warmth, joy and meaning he brings to the bris ceremony. Besides my professional relationship with him through happy, satisfied patient referrals, he personally performed the bris on both of my sons. I highly recommend him for this most joyous and momentous time in your life.

Tobie Beckerman, MD OB-GYN
Potomac, Bethesda and Rockville, MD

We had a great experience using Rabbi Yaakov (Jacob) Rappaport as our Mohel. He was informative, calming, funny and reassuring. He showed us exactly what needed to be done for the “after-care” to ensure the proper recovery of our son. Our pediatrician was impressed with the outcome! We would highly recommend using him for your next bris.

Moshe & Rachel Stewart

Our two son's circumcisions with Rabbi Eli Rappaport were very family friendly and professional. My wife Minnie and I felt very at ease with the procedure on both our boys. Everything was explained thoroughly and done under comfortable conditions for the boys.

Paul and Minnie Robinson
Berkeley Springs, WV

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